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40's and 50's style.


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1930's Silk Nightie
Vintage 50's Day Dress
Fifties Beachwear
Super Soft Angora Hat
Beautiful 50's Dress and Jacket
Shetland Wool Coat
Headscarf Hat
Super 1950's Pinny
1950's Cocktail Dress
50's Cropped Jacket
50's Dress
Ladies Suede Gloves
Felt Hat
50's Felt Hat
Harrods Hat
CC41 Housecoat
50's Winter Coat
Wool Skirt Suit
Wool/Mohair Suit
50's Wool Suit
Pooch Pinny
HandWoven Pure Wool Wrap
50's Wool Coat
1950's Barkcloth Curtain
Fifties Curtains
1930's Silk Embroidery
David Whitehead Print
50's Curtains by Grafton
Stunning 50's Curtain
Excellent 50's Barkcloth
Abstract Fifties Curtain
Vintage 1950's Fabric
Fifties Barkcloth Curtain
50's Bark Cloth Curtains
Bark Cloth Curtains
40's Curtain
50's Curtains
50's Fothergay Tralee
Flower Weave
50's Style Tablecloth