Trying To Tickle Your Fancy

You never know what will be in our shop next - because we don't either. If it catches our eye then that's good enough. We have a liking for quality fabrics, good textures and nice lines but that doesn't stop us putting up a big old pair of bloomers too.


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Jersey Dress
Floppy Felt Hat
Sequined Flapper Dress
Wool Cape
Vintage Bikini
1960s Neat Fit Summer Dress
Vintage Feather Boa
Tartan Taffeta Skirt
Retro Kilt
Sixties Shift Dress
Tartan Skirt and Waistcoat
Sixties Brimless Hat
Laura Ashley
1930's Slip
Philip Somerville Hat
Indian Silk Scarf
Dannimac Girl
50's Style